Getting Command Prompt on a Mac

As a PC user, I was accustomed to occasionally using the command prompt, which I accessed via the “Start -> run” and entering “cmd.” I’m by no means a computer expert, but there are various reasons why someone might want to access the non-graphic version of their computer. The command prompt rolls you straight back to the days of basic DOS programming, which I well remember as my first experience with computers.

Anyway, accessing the command prompt equivalent in a Mac is a snap. The program is called “Terminal.” I get to it by using spotlight. I hit “CMD-Spacebar” (which opens Spotlight), type in “Terminal” and choose the application option. Voila!

Now that I’m in Terminal at the command prompt… what do I do? Here’s an easy access guide to the basic commands:

A-Z Index of the Apple OS X command line

And just in case you need to compare commands, here’s the PC list (note that it’s for XP):

A-Z Index of the Windows XP command line

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