Adobe Bridge: Shortcuts and Things to Know

I don’t use Bridge daily, so it’s easy to forget what’s what. This is my list of handy shortcuts and things to know so I can use Bridge efficiently.

View Items in Subfolders

(shows everything within a folder at once). Two methods to achieve:

  1. On Toolbar: View, Dropdown, Select “Show Items from Subfolders” (last choice in 5th segment)
  2. In folder list (Documents>Pictures>Christmas etc) right-click on folder you want to view all contents off, choose “Show Items from Subfolders”

Wheel ‘O Pictures

(For reviewing – shows wheel of pictures that you spin through, can quickly remove pictures from folder or selected set by using down arrow to “reject” them)

  1. CMD-B
  • Left and Right arrow to spin wheel either way
  • Down arrow removes items from view
  • Zoom can be accessed on bottom right, first button on left
  • After removing all unwanted items, can save as a collection
  • Create collection by clicking on button on bottom right, next to the “x” button

Batch Rename

  1. Shift – CMD – R

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