Mac Keyboard Shortcut of the Day: Show Inspector


I wanted to know the size of my trash. I like knowing how big the trash is before I dump it. It gives me that same sense of satisfaction as when I take all my change down to a Coinstar, dump it all in and get $58.12 back. Sure, the money’s nice, but what’s even nicer is that sense of being unloaded.

Normally, on a PC, you can just go to the desktop, right-click on the recycle bin icon and see the total size. On a Mac, it turns out, you need to use the “Show Inspector” command. The hotkey for “Show Inspector” is “Command + Option + I” (plus signs + are meant only to mean ‘plus’ here, not the plus button).

To see the size of your trash, click on the trash icon, then invoke the “show inspector” command (CMD-OPTION-I). A new window will pop up with the folder’s info (in this case, the trash’s info).

What is Inspector anyway?

It looks like the Inspector combines two previous offerings by Mac, the “Get Info” and the “Show Info” functions. I don’t have the time to read about it now, but the nut of it is that you can open multiple “information” windows on folders or files in the computer and do side-by-side comparisons. The whole enchilada history and explanation is here on the Apple site.

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