Today I Learned About

Offgassing, IKEA Rugs and Delivery Mode.


The carpet in my daughter’s room has periodically had a disturbing chemical smell to it that I’ve had a hard time describing to others. I’ve considered getting rid of it, but it only smells sometimes, and it’s a really sweet looking carpet. Today, a friend told me about offgassing. Finally! I have a word to describe this phenomenon!

IKEA rugs = Safe

My friend, Sarah, also explained that I could get a cheap replacement rug at IKEA and that, because IKEA is a European company, it adheres to more stringent environmental rules. Thus, not only are the rugs (non-rubber backed) less expensive — they’re also safer!

Delivery Mode

I also learned about a new “stage” of child development. Sarah coined the phrase, but I like it — “delivery” stage. My son has graduated from the stage where he puts everything in his mouth all the time and is now in “delivery” mode where he picks up everything and brings it all to me for my inspection / approval.

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