Things I Learned Today Intro

One of the things that blows my mind about children is that everything they are doing at all times is about growing and learning —  they even do their growing in their sleep!

This morning I was marvelling at my 3 year old’s strength and ability to pull herself up by her arms and I realized that, pound for pound, she is unbelievably stronger than me. So is my younger child! If I spent almost every waking moment flexing various muscles, jumping around and running from room to room, I’d be in unbelievable shape!

Children are also in a constant learning process. As I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder to notice the things I’m learning on a daily basis – most of the major “firsts” are out of the way — I’m not in the middle of learning how to ride a bike, use a swing or measure a cup of flour.

So, now that I’ve mastered how to crack an egg, pay the bills, drive a car and use a vacuum cleaner… what am I spending all of my time learning and doing?

In order to get a fresh perspective on my own life process, I thought it would be neat to track what I’m learning on a daily basis. We’ll see how often I update this topic area, but even if it’s only periodic, over time it should give a sense of scope.

Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I’m in a point of stasis. I’m learning and doing new things every day… I just need to look harder to see what my middle age ‘firsts’ are.

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