How “Show Desktop” on a MacBook Pro

Four Finger Swipe UP on the Multi-Touch Mouse

I just got the new fancy schmancy MacBook Pro. I’m totally new to Macs, so I didn’t realize that this mouse is different than the previous versions. For starters – it doesn’t have a separate button – the whole thing is one button. Apple calls this the “multi-touch mouse” and it is PHENOMENAL, once you know how to use it. I highly recommend taking a one-to-one training at your local Apple store to learn more about the mouse’s functionality. I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface of its capabilities and am still getting used to the few new functions I’ve learned.

I wanted to know how to get to the desktop. On a PC, you can just hit the “desktop” icon and everything minimizes so you can see your desktop. The way to do this on a MacBook Pro with the multi-touch mouse is a four finger swipe UP. To un-minimize what you were doing, just four finger swipe down.

If you do a four finger swipe down from a normal workspace (not desktop), it will show you every window you have open in all applications. This is called “exposé” and is handy when you have a bazillion windows open and don’t want to tab through everything to get to the right window.

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