Excel For Mac Shortcuts – WHY Doesn’t F2 Work!??!??

PC version of Excel F2 = “Control-U” on a Mac


Things have been going swimmingly with my transition from PC to Mac. I love, love, love, love, love my machine. The only major flaw I’m contending with is, of course, a Microsoft product – Excel 2008 for Mac.

Obviously, in general, the software works just fine, but the keyboard shortcuts are all haywire. Some of them are the same and some of them are different. The most notable difference is the F2 button, which activates the cell you’re in to be edited. This is probably the most important keyboard shortcut because, if you don’t know it and have to approach it by mouse, you have to first highlight the cell you want to work on (click on it with your mouse), then put your mouse up in the formula bar, behind all the content that appears in it, to activate the cell for editing. It’s a total time-suck, unless you know “F2,” which eliminates the need to track the mouse to the formula bar.

Further Proof Microsoft Sucks

I didn’t need much greater proof, anyway, that Microsoft sucks, but this F2 thing is a real nail in the coffin. If you want to do the PC version of “F2” function in Excel on a Mac, you need to hit “Control-U,” which takes more time and isn’t an intuitive use of finger placement on the keyboard. Also, Excel is one of those programs that you’re likely to be required to use in PC at workspaces and Mac elsewhere, so you’ll be hopping back and forth between the two — it’s really important to keep the most important shortcuts the same to avoid aggravation.

The simple solution to this is to just customize a keyboard shortcut, but the $!@##$@%’s at Microsoft didn’t create this function as an editable shortcut in the “customize keyboard” tool via Excel. It’s as though the people programming the software have never used the program — this is an essential function to have!

After much hunting, I found this one hinky workaround, which I haven’t tried yet:


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