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Adobe Bridge: Shortcuts and Things to Know

I don’t use Bridge daily, so it’s easy to forget what’s what. This is my list of handy shortcuts and things to know so I can use Bridge efficiently. View Items in Subfolders (shows everything within a folder at once). … Continue reading

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Keyword DAM on iPhoto vs. Bridge

I’m a keyword freak when it comes to my photos. I have hundreds of hierarchical keywords that I’ve created so I can pare down and search my thousands of photos for exactly the right picture a situation calls for. Data … Continue reading

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Print Screen CMD-Shift-3 or CMD-Shift-4: Mac Keyboard Shortcut of the Day

CMD+Shift+3 = full screenshot CMD+Shift+4 = crosshairs to drag area for partial shot Images saved to desktop Yesterday I wanted to demonstrate how to find out the size of my trash file on a Mac. In order to do that, … Continue reading

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Mac Keyboard Shortcut of the Day: Show Inspector

CMD+OPTION+I I wanted to know the size of my trash. I like knowing how big the trash is before I dump it. It gives me that same sense of satisfaction as when I take all my change down to a … Continue reading

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Getting Accents on Letters with a MacBook Pro

I needed to get an accent over an ‘e’ like this: é This is the best write-up I could find on the matter. It was buried in a forum post, so I’ve re-posted here, giving credit to Louishen most of … Continue reading

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How “Show Desktop” on a MacBook Pro

Four Finger Swipe UP on the Multi-Touch Mouse I just got the new fancy schmancy MacBook Pro. I’m totally new to Macs, so I didn’t realize that this mouse is different than the previous versions. For starters – it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Excel for Mac Shortcuts – a Keyboard Shortcut Guide

This shortcut guide took a lot of hunting to find. Be sure to use the “Show All” feature on the right side of the screen and then “find.” User-friendly as always, Microsoft. I also found this Excel for Mac Keyboard … Continue reading

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