PhotoMerge on PhotoShop

I’ve always wondered how they’ve made that real estate porn. No, I’m not talking about pervy porn, I’m talking about when you view realtor listing photos of a house on a website and everything looks big and beautiful. Then, you show up at the open house and the bathroom you thought you could fit a dining room table in (not that you would need to, mind you) could barely suit the toiletting needs of your sister’s cat, Maurice.

Now I know the secret! It’s PhotoMerge on Photoshop, as most excellently demonstrated here (okay, the gacking cough in the middle is a little gross, but the technique is neat):

PhotoMerge comes as an optional plug-in for Photoshop CS4. I’m sure it’ll be up on CS5 soon too… or maybe it’s one of the new tools. You can get PhotoMerge UI for Photoshop CS4 here.

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