Learning Adobe Bridge

Since I just got this new computer and software, I figured it was time to finally get comfortable with Adobe Bridge. On my pc, I’d gotten very comfortable doing photo management via Windows Live Gallery (the software you download). As much as all things Microsoft annoy me, this is really a quality product. It is hands-down the best hierarchical keyword organizer I’ve found.

My other main concern about shifting from PC to Mac, besides losing my Adobe software, was that all my carefully keyworded metadata would be lost. I tried iPhoto for about a minute and a half and realized it’s far too simplistic for the level of organization I’m seeking to have. That’s when I realized I’d better finally kick the tires on Bridge.

I’m discovering that Bridge is a GREAT tool – incredibly fast and, once you know how to navigate it, very well organized.

On the downside, however, the keyword management seems to be an afterthought. I hope that by the time they roll out CS6, or even a mid-level patch, they offer more options. I’ll get into the keywording later. For now though, this video by Adobe’s chief evangelist, Rufus Deuchler, has been my saving grace. It’s just an excellent overview:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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