Jumping the PC Shark

I recently lucked out and got an amazing deal on the Adobe CS4 Master Collection through my school. The best part is that I’ll be able to upgrade it to CS5. This all came about because I finally jumped the shark on my PC and have a new MacBook Pro, which I love, love, love. For years, I’d held off of switching, even though my Lenovo was so bogged and slow, because I had no way to afford changing my Adobe software to Mac.

Then, this past May, I discovered that my university had an amazing promotional deal on the student (SLO) pricing for CS4 — $500 for the Master Collection, with free upgrade to CS5. Wow. The Master Collection is normally about $3500.

So, now I’m muddling my way around learning how to use a Mac. From a navigational perspective, it feels like I broke my right arm (I’m a righty) and I’m now having to learn how to get around and do everything with my left side. I know it’s possible to be efficient in this new, lefty / Mac world… I just have to rewire myself for in.

To put it another way, when I was in college, I took both Spanish and German for a few years. I’d grown up hearing German spoken at one of my best friend’s houses and was used to most of the common catch phrases. Likewise, I’d studies Spanish in High School and was fairly fluent. I had just enough knowledge of both to constantly mix languages in either class (mit vs con, etc). Becoming “fluent” in navigating the Mac feels a lot like that.

I’m learning new stuff every day and becoming faster, but do keep forgetting some of the basic things. Rather than stuff my over-stuffed bookmarks with references to navigational tips I’ll hopefully outgrow in a week or two, I thought I’d just record helpful things here. Maybe someone else will benefit, and it’ll be easier for me to look and see why I bookmarked a certain article rather than having to re-read it for two sentences of nuggets.

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